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Girl with a poop in her panties

This girl’s white panties strain hard to hold the massive load she’s just pooped. When she felt the tickle at her backside, she was eager to try out something she’s wanted to do for a while. She pulled the briefs down a bit then pushed down. As expected, the creamy feces flowed freely from her open hole. Soon, it was piling up in the cotton of her underwear, creating a huge poop that could not be hidden. When she was done, she put them back where they belong and shook her ass to feel the shit smear against her gorgeous cheeks.

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5 Responses

  1. doug cunningham

    i loved seeing her pooping makes me want to eat it i love shit

  2. doug cunningham

    wonderful shit in her panties i want to eat it

  3. Damon

    perfect ass cheeks and great solid big poop! loved watching her pull those panties back up tight!

  4. mglinnn

    i want to eat her anus and rectum,i love her anus and shit

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